What I’ve been doing this week:30.4.18 – 7.5.18

What I’ve been doing this week:

What I’ve been playing –

God of War:

I have been playing a lot of God of War since it came out. I still have not finished it but I think I’m pretty close now. I have been enjoying the ride and trying to get every morsel out of it before the credits roll, I deliberately have not found out if I can keep playing after the end of the game however at this point I’m keen to finish the amazing story so I’m saving a lot, just in case I need to re-load to finish those extra quests.

The gameplay is fantastic, the fighting feels brilliant. In the old god of war games, I was not really a huge fan of the combat, to me it just never felt that satisfying and as such I never played the games much. This is really my first God of War game and I’ve loved it. That’s to say a few call backs to the old combat while originally not fun has grown on me and now I’m on board completely.

The writing has been widely reported as being awesome and I can honestly say that’s no lie. The way the characters of Kratos and Atreus act and change through the game as both father and son and the bond they share is a masterful script and is delivered superbly by the voice actors.

The setting of Norse mythology is wonderful. To begin with I was concerned by it as I feel there has been a lot of work done in this area since Skyrim and I’m a little tired of it by now. However, the way the game uses the mythology, mythic characters and legends and blend them into one cohesive environment is nothing short of spectacular. To me now this game hits the idea of ‘Norse’ better than any game that has tried it before.

I can’t wait to finish the story and am all for for exploring more and more, maybe this could even be a goal for my first ever PlayStation platinum trophy.



I’ve played a few games of PUBG in the last week, each time doing terribly but enjoying the ride, I actually took time to tweak my controls to suit be better and I have discovered that I prefer the first person only version of the game. The lack of visual quality can make it hard to spot enemies at times, in first person mode I find it just that bit easier and more bearable.



I have played 1 game of ‘Fortnite’, I liked it. The art style while at first, I thought a bit naff, now I appreciate how different it is from PUBG and a refreshing change at that. I have not got any proficiency in the building aspect of the game however. We’ll see how long I stick with it.


Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (on Switch):

I enjoy the Lego games, a lot. Interestingly Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1 was one of the only Lego games that I had but never really enjoyed. Much of the focus was on the Fantastic 4 who I have never had much connection to so maybe that part way explains it. This sequel so far from my play embraces some other aspects of Marvel characters, some is influenced nicely by the Marvel Cinematic Universe to give me a nice comfort with the game. I picked this game up after watching ‘Avengers Infinity War’ and have not been disappointed. The only complaint I have is the quality on the Switch in handheld mode is ok but not great. Where possible playing it on the TV is certainly best, however the ability to play a few minutes of it on the train while on a work trip to London was perfect. The Lego games seem the perfect fit for the Switch, easy light-hearted play on the go but playable on my large high quality tv when I’m home.


What I’ve been watching:


I have found and am loving ‘Suits’. I knew of the show and think I may have even watched a couple of episodes when the show premiered in the UK on ‘Dave’ many years ago and did not enjoy it. I decided to give it another go partly because of Megan Markle the soon to be Princess Royal. I listen to a Royal Wedding comedy podcast called ‘The Windsor Knot’ created by IGN’s Daniel Krupa and Joe Skrebles. They mention suits frequently as Megan is one of the main actors in the show, however they have not seen the show themselves. I decided to give it another go and have binge watched the first 2 seasons in about a week and a half. I downloaded episodes to my phone to watch while on the train again on my work trip to London and enjoyed it even on the small screen. Bring on Season 3.

Arrested Development Season 4 ‘Fateful Consequences’:

The re-mixed version of the Netflix original season of ‘Arrested Development’ is a better way to watch the season. The experiment to give each character their one episode and then pieces get filled in later in the season when you see something from another character’s perspective in my opinion was meh. This re-mix has gone back and ordered the episodes more like a traditional season of the show, Ron Howard even came back and recorded some extra voice over to help it mesh better. All in all, a good move ahead of the highly anticipated Season 5 which is released at the end of May on Netflix. I can’t wait.


I think that’s all to say for this week. What have you been playing and watching? Let me know, lets have a conversation about it. Let me know in the comments or Tweet me and lets talk there. Of course, you can also post in the Facebook group to talk to others also.

Thanks for reading.


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